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UCB Agent Banking Business Network

UCB agent banking is country wide network from divisional city to union level across the country.

Forms and Application

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Agent Banking?

Agent banking means offering banking facilities to a wider range of customers though engaging agents under a valid agency agreement. In simpler context, an agent provides banking services to customers on behalf of the bank.

  • Who can be an agent?

A person, a business firm or any organization can be an agent.

  • What are the eligibilities criteria to be an agent?

Eligibility for an Individual to become an agent

  • Agent should be a juristic person
  • Having reasonable knowledge about financial transaction & technology know-hows   
  • Minimum one-year business experience
  • Influence over the society and capable of managing any unwanted occurrence
  • Financially solvent
  • Educational qualification (minimum SSC)
  • Young entrepreneurs are encouraged

Eligibility for an entity to become an agent

  • It should be an entity having multiple branch offices
  • Minimum one-year business experience
  • Having a business license for lawful business activities
  • Owner or manager of the entity must have at least one-year business experience
  • Having willingness to carryout business activity on ongoing basis
  • It shall possess managerial, financial and technical expertise for managing agent banking outlets in addition to its regular operations
  • Having willingness and capacity to invest in managing liquidity, risk management, security management & continuous capacity development of agent banking outlets of the bank
  • What are the non-eligibilities to be an agent?
  • Loan defaulter or the convicted person cannot apply for agency-ship
  • An agent or owner(s)/directors(s) of the entity acting as agent cannot be a loan defaulter.
  • According to the Section 26 (ga) of the Banking Companies Act, 1991, “bank related person” cannot be appointed as agent.
  • Bankrupts. 
  • Convicted by a court of law, up to 3 (three) years after completion of sentences or penalties.
  • Under investigation for any criminal charges.
  • Under investigation or convicted of money laundering or terrorist financing activities.
  • Under investigation of the Anti-Corruption Commission. 


  • How much capital investment is required for an agent outlet?

Initial investment amount is about Tk. 15 - 20 lac for a small-medium sized outlet. However, more capital might be required on increment of business volume. An approximate breakup of the initial investment in given below.

Breakup of Initial Capital Investment
  • Deposit balance in agent’s own account for regular cash transactions


  • Outlet infrastructure development and interior /exterior work (civil work, floor & ceiling work, door & internal glass partition, paint, vault, electrical work & wiring, light fitting, vertical blind etc.)

Tk. 2,50,000/-

  • Office furniture & fixtures (cash counter, work station, cabinet, chair, table, sofa, center table etc.)

Tk. 2,50,000/-

  • Computer & devices (desktop computer, laptop, printer, bio-metric device, webcam, internet modem, scanner etc.)

Tk. 1,50,000/-

  • Electrical & electronics equipment’s (electric fan, CCTV etc. )

Tk. 50,000/-



  • How long it would take agent to reach breakeven point?

It would take approximately 1 year to reach breakeven point. In terms of account deposit portfolio of TK. 2.5 crore – Tk. 3 crore is required to reach breakeven point (70% -  CASA)

  • Can an agent open multiple agent outlets?

Yes, an agent can open multiple agent outlets.

  • Can an agent open multiple agent outlets under multiple banks?

No, an agent cannot open multiple agent outlets under multiple banks.

  • What are the documents required with the application for applying as an UCB agent?


Following documents are required to be submitted with the application:

  • Completely filled up application form
  • 2 (Two) copies of recent passport size photograph of proprietor/ each partners/ each Directors
  • Photocopy of National ID card/valid passport (1-5 page)/ a certificate from the local union council about residency
  • Police verification report
  • 2(Two)reference certificates from local respectable persons acceptable to the bank
  • Personal net worth statement.
  • Photocopy of educational certificate
  • Photocopy of up to date trade License (if applicable)
  • Bank solvency certificate from existing bank.
  • Bank statement for the last 6(six) months (business/ personal)
  • Membership certificate from the local chamber of commerce / baniksamitee (if any)
  • CIB report
  • Photocopy of rental agreement of the office space
  • Photocopy of utility bill
  • Photocopy of land revenue receipt in case of outlet owned by the applicant.
  • Photocopy of TIN certificate (if any)
  • Photocopy of VAT Registration certificate (if any)
  • Director’s/ Partner’s consent (if applicable)
  • Photograph of proposed agent outlet/shop (3R/4R size) with location map
  • Physical fitness certificates
  • Business forecast
  • Photocopy of partnership agreement/ memorandum of articles (if any)
  • Information about proposed agent outlet (market survey)
  • What are the location selection criteria for an agent outlet?
  • Commercially feasible market place/growth center
  • No UCB branch within 3 km.
  • No private banks presence in the vicinity (one private bank or two government bank might be considering business potentiality)
  • Ease of transit, literacy rate and socio-economic activity of the area
  • What will be the source of revenue for the agent?

The agent is entitled to fees and charges from all types of transaction except cash withdrawal and deposit for the same agent outlet.

Float Sharing on Deposit

  • Savings Account


  • Current Account


  • FDR and DPS


Account Maintenance Fee

50% of realized fees

Utility bill collection

75% of realized fees

Remittance disbursement (PIN based)

75% of realized fees

Social safety- net program

75% of realized fees

Loan processing fee

50% of loan Processing Fee

Debit Card

Tk. 100 per card

Loan recovery commission

10% of recovered amount

Incentive for new account A/Cs (CASA) booking

Tk. 200.00 (subject to achieving minimum balance of Tk. 5,000)

  • What will be the length of the agent-ship agreement period?

The agreement shall remain in effect until terminated by either party by a notice in writing. The agent shall be entitled to terminate agreement by giving 90 (Ninety) days prior notice in writing to the bank.

  • Can agent outlets be opened under partnership agreement?

Yes. However, partnership agreement must be registered with RJSC and partnership deed must be submitted to the bank.

  • Does agent need license from Bangladesh Bank?

No, agent does not need any additional license from Bangladesh Bank.

  • How many employees are required to run the outlet?

Minimum 3 (three) agent staff are required (1 Manager, 1 Customer Service Officer, and 1 Teller). However, agents can deploy more staff with at their own expenditure.

  • Will the bank provide any staff at agent outlet?

Yes, bank will provide one staff (FTE) if required at bank’s own expenditure.

  • Who will bear monthly operating cost of the agent outlet? What is the approximately monthly expenditure of an agent outlet?

Agent has to bear monthly operating cost of their own outlet. It is estimated approximately Tk. 30,000 - TK.40,000 for small-medium size agent outlet.  

  • How much floor space is required to establish an agent outlet?

A floor space of 500 – 1,200 square feet is required. For ‘Category A’ outlet: 500 – 700, ‘Category B’: 700 -1,000, ‘Category C’: above 1,000 sqft.

  • Who will prepare the outlet layout plan?

Bank will prepare and provide outlet layout plan upon physical inspection of the proposed outlet. Agent needs to develop outlet according to the layout plan.

  • Will the bank financially assist in establishing agent outlet?

Yes, bank may assist the agent with initial outlet decoration and branding expenditure up to a certain agreed limit.

  • Will the agent be liable for recovery of the loan sourced by the agent?

No, but agent needs to cooperate in order to recover loan as agent.

  • Are agents entitled to have credit line facility?

Yes, agent is entitled to credit line facility as per bank’s credit policy.

  • Is agent banking only for the rural areas?

No, agent banking is to facilitate banking services to both rural and urban population. In accordance to Bangladesh Bank’s Guideline the ratio to rural and urban is 3:1

  • Is there any application fee applicable for an agent?

No, there is no application fee. Agent application form needs to be duly filled to apply as an agent.

  • Can a cheque book be issued from agent outlet?

Yes, cheque book can be issued as per customer request from any agent outlet nationwide.

  • Can debit card be issued from agent outlet?

Yes, debit card can be issued as per customer request received from any agent outlet nationwide.

  • Can regular deposits and withdrawals be made at any UCB branch?

Yes, regular deposits and withdrawals can be made at any UCB branch nationwide.

  • Can withdrawal be made from any ATM booth nationwide through UCB agent banking Debit Card?

Yes, money can be withdrawn from any ATM booth nationwide through UCB agent banking Debit Card.

  • Will customers be charged extra for banking through an agent?

No, customers will not be charged extra to avail banking services at their own agent outlet and UCB branches. However, a charge of 0.25 %( Min Tk.10, Max Tk. 500) will be charged for both deposit and withdrawal at other agent outlets. Separate schedule of charges is in place for fees & charges of agent banking.   

  • Can an UCB branch’s customer deposit or withdraw money from UCB Agent outlets?

Yes, a UCB branch customer can deposit and withdraw from UCB agent outlets upon verification of fingerprint. In this case, branch customer needs to do bio-matric formalities at their respective branch.  

  • How can customers reach directly to UCB?

An expert panel of customer managers can be reached at 16419 24/7 addressing any queries or complaints. 

  • What are the services provided from UCB Agent Outlets?
  • Account opening
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund transfer (inter-bank and intra bank) through BEFTN & RTGS
  • Inward foreign remittance disbursement
  • Utility bill collection (electricity, water, gas etc.)
  • Balance inquiry
  • DMP traffic penalty collection
  • BRTA fee collection
  • Passport fee collection
  • Visa processing fee
  • Insurance premium collection
  • UCB credit card payment collection
  • UCB credit card application sourcing
  • UPay & internet banking registration
  • Loan application sourcing (retail, SME, agri, cottage & micro)
  • Cash payment under social safety net program of the government

Gradually, we will incorporate above all services in the agent baking system.

  • What are the UCB Agent Banking Products for agent banking customers?

Savings Accounts:

  • Savings Deposit Account (General Deposit)
  • UCB Savings Plus Account (Special Savings Account)
  • UCB Women Savings Accounts (Savings Account for Women)
  • UCB NRB Savings Account (Savings Account for NRB)
  • UCB Farmer’s Savings (Farmer & Non farmer)
  • UCB Youngster (Student) Accounts Savings (School Plan-College Plan)
  • UCB RMG Workers Savings Account

Current Accounts:

  • Current Account (Personal, Impersonal both)
  • Short Notice Deposit Account

Fixed Deposit

  • FD (3,6,12,13, 24,25,36 months’ terms)
  • UCB Money Maximizer (Double Money- Fixed Deposit)
  • UCB Earning Plus (Monthly/Quarterly Interest payable - Fixed Deposit)


  • UCB DPS Plus (General DPS)
  • UCB Women DPS Plus (Special Monthly Savings Scheme)
  • UCB NRB DPS Plus (Monthly Savings Scheme for NRB)
  • UCB RMG DPS Plus (Monthly Savings Scheme)
  • UCB Youngsters DPS (Monthly Savings Account for youngsters)
  • UCB Multi-Millionaire (Monthly Savings Scheme)


  • How much initial deposit is required to open a UCB Agent Savings/Current account?

A customer can open a UCB agent savings account by simply depositing Tk. 500 only and current account by Tk. 1,000 only.

  • Can DPS accounts be opened at UCB Agent Outlets?

Yes, DPS account can be opened provided duly filled DPS opening form. Minimum monthly installment starting from Tk. 100.  

  • Can a Fixed Deposit Account be opened at UCB Agent Outlets?

Yes, fixed deposit accounts can be opened at any agent outlets nationwide with minimum deposit of Tk. 10,000 for tenor of 1, 3, 4,6,12 13, 24, 25 & 36 months. Minimum face value Tk. 10,000.

  • What are the required documents to open an account?

As per normal formalities of the regular account opening.

  • Can deposits or withdrawal be made immediately after opening an account?

Deposits can be made immediately after filling an account opening form. However, withdrawals cannot be carried out prior approval of the account by the bank. It generally takes minimum three to five working days for account opening approval. Customers will receive a SMS for account activation in their registered mobile number. 

  • Is it safe and secured to make transactions at UCB Agent Outlets?

It is absolutely safe and secured to make transactions at UCB Agent Outlets nationwide. The transactions are processed and authorized through high level bank security and customers’ identity is authorized by a biometric device while making transactions. A receipt is provided for every transaction made, at the same time a transaction alert is sent to customer’s registered mobile number in order to avoid fraudulent transactions.

  • Who will bear courier cost?

Banking will ensure courier service for inward and outward docs in/from agent outlet and bear courier cost.

  • Who will ensure & bear insurance cost for vault, counter & cash in transit?

Agent will ensure insurance coverage with reputed insurance company and premium at their own cost.

  • What about agent’s vault, counter and transit limit?

Agent will determine vault, counter and transit limit depending on risk and transaction requirement.

  • What are the Transaction Limit at agent outlets?

Daily Number of Transaction & Amount Limit (BDT in Lac)

Type of Transactions

Cash Deposit

Cash Withdrawal

Transfer/BFTEN/Inter Bank/Intra Bank

No. of


No. of


No. of


Current Account







Savings Account














  • What is the regular transaction hour of agent outlet?

The regular transaction period is from 10am to 6pm in normal business days.

How to become an agent

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List of UCB Agent Outlets


Name of the Agent Outlet




Bagmara Bazar Agent Outlet

Bagmara Bazar, Nawabgonj, Dhaka



Paduar Bazar Agent Outlet

Paduar Bazar, Biswaroad, Comilla South



Mohessor Pasha Agent Outlet

Mohessor Pasha, Digholia, Khulna



Kashinagar Bazar, Agent Outlet

Kashinagar Bazar, Laksham Road,Comilla



Haat Krishnapur Agent Outlet

Haat Krishnapur, Sadarpur, Faridpur



Panchbibi Outlet

Balighata Bazar, Panchbibi, Joypurhat



Bharashar Bazar Outlet

Bharashar Bazar, Burichong, Comilla



Kharshur Bazar Outlet

Kharshur Bazar, Sirajdikhan, Munshigonj



Mahini Bazar Outlet

Mahini Bazar, Nangolkot, Comilla



Khila Bazar Outlet

Khila Moddhobazar, Khila, Monohorgonj, Comilla



Borura Bazar Outlet

Borura Bazar, Borura, Comilla



Sadat Bazar Outlet

Tinpatti Road, Sadat Bazar Road, Korotiya, Tangail



Noluya Outlet

Shamsu Bhaban, Noluya, Kochua, Chandpur



Kongshonagar Outlet

Hazi Fazlur Rahman Tower Bridge Road, Kongshonagar, Burichong, Comilla



Kalai Outlet

Sadar Road, Kalai Bazar, Kalai, Joypurhat



Amraid Bazar Outlet

Amraid Bazar, Kapasia, Gazipur, Dhaka


UCB Agent Banking Products

Savings Accounts:

  • Savings Deposit Account (General Deposit)
  • UCB Savings Plus Account (Special Savings Account) 
  • UCB Women Savings Accounts (Savings Account for Women)
  • UCB NRB Savings Account (Savings Account for NRB)
  • UCB Farmer’s Savings (Farmer & Non farmer)
  • UCB Youngster (Student) Accounts Savings (School Plan-College Plan)
  • UCB RMG Workers Savings Account

Current Accounts:

  • Current Account (Personal, Impersonal both)
  • Short Notice Deposit Account

Fixed Deposit:

  • FD General (3,4,6,7,12,13, 24,25,36 months’ terms)
  • UCB Money Maximizer (Double Money- Fixed Deposit)
  • UCB Earning Plus (Monthly/Quarterly Interest payable - Fixed Deposit)
  • Interest Upfront Fixed Deposit (IUFD)
  • UCB Earning Plus Fixed Deposit (UEPFD)


  • UCB DPS Plus (General DPS)
  • UCB Women DPS Plus (Special Monthly Savings Scheme)
  • UCB NRB DPS Plus (Monthly Savings Scheme for NRB)
  • UCB RMG DPS Plus (Monthly Savings Scheme)
  • UCB Youngsters DPS (Monthly Savings Account for youngsters)
  • UCB Multi-Millionaire (Monthly Savings Scheme)
  • UCB Super Flex DPS

Loan File Sourcing:

  • SME loan
  • Agriculture Loan
  • Consumer loan
  • Cottage & Micro Loan

UCB Agent Banking Services

  • Account Opening (Savings, Current, DPS, Fixed Deposit).
  • Cash Deposit.
  • Cash withdrawals.
  • Fund Transfer to any UCB Account
  • Electronic Fund transfer through BEFTN
  • Electronic Fund transfer through RTGS
  • Small value loan disbursement and recovery of loan installments.
  • Utility bill payment
  • Balance inquiry
  • Statement inquiry
  • Receiving clearing Cheque
  • Debit/Credit Card Request Processing
  • UPay & internet banking registration
  • Loan application sourcing (retail, SME, Agri., cottage & micro)
  • Monitoring and recovery of loans and advances sanctioned by the bank;

Upcoming Services

  • Collection of insurance premium including micro‐ insurance etc.
  • Cash payment under social safety net programmed of the Government;
  • Merchant Payment
  • Fund transfer: Person to Government (P2G), Government to Person (G2P), Business to Government (B2G), Government to Business (G2B)]
  • DMP Traffic penalty collection
  • BRTA fee collection
  • Passport fee collection
  • Visa processing fee
  • UCB credit card payment collection
  • SMART Card (NID) Fee Collection
  • School Banking Solution (Student Account, Fee Collection & Payroll for Teachers)

Contact for UCB Agent Banking

Agent Banking Division
United Commercial Bank Limited
Corporate Office: Plot-CWS(A)-1, Road # 34,
Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212
Phone: +880-2-55668070, Ext: 5603, 5604, 5605, 5606, 5607, 5608
Mobile: +88 01711-506 337
Call Center: 16419

About Agent Banking

With a vision to deliver banking services to the unbanked population across Bangladesh, United Commercial Bank (UCB) launched Agent Banking Division with the slogan "সবার জন্য ব্যাংক". UCB Agent Banking aims to promote full-fledged banking services to geographically dispersed and financially excluded areas. The objective is to make agent banking services accessible to mass and establishing UCB Agent Banking as a mark of top notch service, quality and reliability engraved in the minds of customer and community as a whole. As a part of a bigger objective, agent banking focuses on reducing the gap between banked and unbanked population which would contribute a lot to the economic growth of the country. Keeping the interest of various stakeholders, every transactions is secured through bio-matric authentication & done on real time basis. UCB Agent Banking striving and moving forward to be a class in the industry. UCB Agent Banking is unique for;

  • UCB Agent banking model is designed considering equal benefits sharing philosophy for all parties.
  • UCB offers a competitive price for its customer
  • UCB offers a favorable agent commission structure which ensures quick return on investment of the agent and sustainable growth for the bank.
  • UCB designs products and services for all segments

It’s looking forward to offer cashless transaction to all class of people in near future.

(For details please see the FAQ, any query please call at our 24/7 call center at 16419)

UCB Agent Banking to be the first choice of the customers, agents and stakeholders through maximizing value for our clients, shareholders & employees and contributing to the national economy with social commitments.


To bring financial services at the doorstep of the unbanked & underserved people of Bangladesh with minimum cost, secured & state of art technology to increase customer, business, wealth and quality of life.

Agent Banking Model:
United Commercial Bank made a unique Agent Banking model with technology based banking concept ensuring appropriate security with real-time banking for customers. Agents Outlets are distinctly branded with UCB Agent Banking logo to provide products and services of UCB. All the agent booths are equipped with Laptop/P.C, Image capturing device, POS machines, Biometric Device etc. Agent banking transactions are done on real time basis and integrated with Bank’s Core Banking Solution. Customers get instant confirmation of transaction through Mobile SMS and system generated printed money receipts.

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